Here at KJ Theatre and Films we create exciting and engaging educational theatre and films for schools and business.
Our theatre-in-education (TIE), theatre-in-language-learning (TILL) and theatre-for-business (T4B) work takes us all over the UK and around the world providing immersive performances and interactive workshops for 1000s of children and adults every year. We produce educational and corporate films, which are distributed across the UK and worldwide.

Helping education to be engaging exciting inspiring for everyone

Immersive Performances and Interactive Workshops in your school

Thought provoking Films and Entertaining Teaching Resources for your classroom

Engage to educate with KJ Films and Theatre-For-Business



Spend your day learning laughing having fun with friends and colleagues

The man behind KJ Theatre and Films is Kieron Jones.
Kieron started his career as an actor, writer and director after graduating from Swansea University with a BA (Hons) languages and literature degree. He is very passionate about the power of theatre, how it brings people together, crosses barriers and creates a unique learning environment where everyone can flourish.

Kieron Jones actor, writer, linguist

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  • KJ Theatre and Films is based in London, UK